a community of creatives

The Gahanna Area Arts Council is all about community. It exists to foster collaboration between creatives, build connections between civic groups, and bring people together through the Arts. Even if you don’t consider yourself an “artist”, there’s a place for you in our community, and we invite you in with open arms. Welcome.


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a community of creatives

the arts help to connect us to people different from ourselves

The Gahanna Area Arts Council serves to advance the Arts, of course. But its primary purpose is to connect the community. We’re mission-driven; everything we do starts with these core values.






This year we launch our new summer program. The Second Saturday of each month, we Arts in the Alley across from Creekside. It’s a makers market meets street festival meets block party, and the entire community is invited!

DOWN THE block!

mural on mill street

We partnered with The ADAMH Board of Franklin County to install a new mural on Mill Street. The paint was put up in 2018, but thanks to you (and Instagram), the mural is never really finished.

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